ICG/NEAMTWS Task Team and Steering Committee Meetings

The ICG/NEAMTWS Steering Committee meeting will take place on the 22-23 March.It is open to the ICG/NEAMTWS Officers, Working Groups and Task Team co-chairs and to representatives of the CTSPs.

The ICG/NEAMTWS Task Team meeting on Operations will take place in the afternoon of 21 March. This will be followed by Task Team and Working Group meetings in the morning of 22 March. It is open to NTWC, TWFP and CPA representatives

Salle/Room: VII

Location Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
7, place de Fontenoy
75732 Paris cedex 07

Organisers & Staff


Provisional Agenda

1. Opening and Organisation of the Meeting
2. Adoption of the Agenda
3. Review of Work Plans and the Steering Committee Action Plan for 2016
4. Update of TNC and TWFPs
5. Status of CTSPs Accreditation and Appointment of Accreditation Team
6. Report by Working Groups and Task Teams co-chairs
7. Update NEAMTWS Ten-Year Publication
8. TOWS IX Report
9. Update on Technical Visits
10. Update on Preparations for Next ICG/NEAMTWS
11. AOB
12. Closure


Detailed information can be found at here.

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