tsunami damage

tsunami_damageLoss or harm caused by a destructive tsunami. More specifically, the damage caused directly by tsunamis can be summarized into the following: 1) Deaths and injuries; 2) houses destroyed, partially destroyed, inundated, flooded, or burned; 3) other property damage and loss; 4) boats washed away, damaged or destroyed; 5) lumber washed away; 6) marine installations destroyed, and; 7) damage to public utilities such as railroads, roads, bridges, power plants, water or fuel storage tanks, or wastewater facilities, etc. Indirect secondary tsunami damage can be: 1) Damage by fire of houses, boats, oil tanks, gas stations, and other facilities; 2) environmental pollution or health hazards caused by drifting materials, oil, and hazardous waste spillages; 3) outbreak of disease of epidemic proportions, which could be serious in densely populated areas.