Technical Kick-of-Meeting held successfully in Rome

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INGV Roma, Via Vigna Murata, 605, 00143, Roma, Italy Map

Date and location: 10-11 February, 2016; INGV Roma, Via Vigna Murata, 605, 00143, Roma, Italy.


  • Roberto Basili (
  • Stefano Lorito (
  • Jacopo Selva (
  • Donatella Provenza (


Project coordinator, Project beneficiaries, Scientists in Tasks, End users and Advisors, EC Officer.

Goals of the meeting

  • Presentation of the TSUMAPS-NEAM program
    • Introduce/revise detailed implementation plan for the Tasks by Task leaders
  • Project management
    • Introduce project management structure and implementation
    • Present overview on responsibilities of Consortium Bodies
    • Assign tasks and responsibilities to scientists
  • General Assembly
    • Approve Consortium Bodies: Steering Committee (SC), Observers’ Board (OB), Tasks


Day 1, Morning session

  1. Provide a summary of the project outline (scientific goals and project management).
  2. Introduce a detailed implementation plan.

Day 1, Afternoon session

  1. Discuss detailed implementation plan for Tasks B, C, and D in breakout sessions.
  2. Discuss relationships and synergies with other European and global programs.

Day 2, Morning session

  1. Summarize breakout sessions from task leader presentations.
  2. Recommendations from the SC and OB.
  3. Collect end-users’ feedback.
  4. General assembly.

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